Shinjo Shirasu 
Shinjo Shirasu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Shinjo Nayaru 
Titles: Acting Emerald Champion

Shinjo Shirasu was the leader of the Unicorn magistrates and a high-ranking Emerald Magistrate during the War Against the Shadow. [1]

Family Edit

Shirasu had a son, Shinjo Nayaru. [2]

Hidden Emperor Edit

After the disappearance of Emperor Toturi I and apparent suicide of Emerald Champion Kakita Toshimoko in 1130, Shirasu assumed command of the Emerald Magistrates to keep the law of the lands, until the Emperor was recovered or a new Emerald Champion could be chosen. [3] [4] [5]

Hitomi Edit

Disturbed by the rumors of the Togashi slaughter in the Dragon provinces, Shinjo Shirasu dispatched his cousin Shinjo Tashima to investigate. Days later, Tashima had joined the Dragon as the tattooed Hitomi Tashima. [6]

Activities in Lion lands Edit

In 1131, Shirasu's magistrates confronted a band of tainted Kitsu shugenja and bushi. [7] After the growing reports of maho and other foul activities in the Lion lands, Shirasu attempted to investigate deep in Lion lands but was intercepted and forcibly escorted back to the border. [8] [9]

Legacy of the Naga Edit

In 1135, Shirasu led the magistrates that were in charge of protecting the Naga as they travelled to the Unicorn lands in order to deliver the Legacy of the Naga. The magistrates included Ide Buodin, Utaku Sahijir and Moto Sakura. [10]

Shiryo Edit

Shirasu no Shiryo

Shirasu no Shiryo

Shirasu became a Shiryo of the Unicorn. [11]

External Links Edit

Shinjo Shirasu 3

Shirasu Sensei

Preceded by:
Kakita Toshimoko
Acting Emerald Champion
1130 - 1132
Succeeded by:
Seppun Toshiken


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