Shinjo Sanefusa 
Shinjo Sanefusa 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Shinjo Yoshifusa 
Siblings: Shinjo Yoshiko

Shinjo Sanefusa was the doubtful son of the Unicorn leader at Ryoko Owari Toshi, Shinjo Yoshifusa. [1] He had a sister, Shinjo Yoshiko. [2]

Alienated Edit

His father was a past glory of the clan, but he did not care of his age and innability to maintain himself at the head of the always troubled city. His refusal to surrender his position costed him face and stymied the lives of his children. Yoshifusa scried every movement of his son, and always corrected him. Sanefusa became so nervous about being criticized and reprimanded that he was afraid to make any decision at all. [3]

Loss of Unicorn influence Edit

Sanefusa blamed his father for his business woes. The Bayushi cartel convinced the merchant "Horse" to shift loyalties, which diminished the trade Unicorn power in the city. [4]

Romantic approaches Edit

It was said Sanefusa became a suitor to Ikoma Yoriko, a Samurai-ko who had a vow of celibacy. He was rebuffed. [5]

Warehouse attacked Edit

During the Bon Festival of 1122 one of the warehouses of his father had been attacked. All the shipments for the festival were damaged, with like-oni claw marks all around. Sanefusa grumbled to Shinjo Dokiu, a Unicorn magistrate. The boxes show every sign of having been shredded by Chizaro no Oni [6] which several hours ago had been seen in the city. [7]


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