Shinjo Rojin 
Shinjo Rojin 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1154 
Children: Shinjo Juro

Shinjo Rojin was a bushi and explorer of the Unicorn Clan.

Scout Edit

Rojin learned how to take advantage of terrain during his man many years patrolling the outskirts of Rokugan, guarding against gaijin aggressors. This knowledge of terrain and his inspired leadership lead to an advantage for his troops. [1]

Rojin's Wanderers Edit

Rojin was the founder of the group known as Rojin's Wanderers. Believed dead during the Clan War, he had merely disappeared to explore the Plains Above Evil, and had not returned for three years. The people of Rokugan were astonished to see him, and assumed that he was a returned spirit from Oblivion's Gate, which Rojin found hysterical. [2]

Rojin revealed the vast iron and lumber resources he had come across and was rewarded by Moto Gaheris with nearly unlimited funds to support his next expedition. Seventy bushi accompanied him, and thus Rojin's Wanderers were born. His only son was Shinjo Juro who was the child of a geisha who Rojin had grown to comfortable with. When hearing about his son he immediately acknowledged him, and began taking the boy along on his adventures. After Rojin died fighting the Senpet in 1154 during an expedition to the Burning Sands, [2] Juro assumed leadership of the Wanderers. [3]

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Shinjo Rojin 2

Shinjo Rojin

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