Shinjo Naota

Shinjo Naota

Shinjo Naota was a bushi and scout of the Unicorn Clan.

Master of Ma-do Edit

Naota had a connection with his horse stronger than most men had with their brothers. It aided him to become a Master of Ma-Do, the Unicorn dueling style. [1]

War of Dark Fire Edit

Naota was a member of the junghar. They were sent to the Dragon territory during the War of Dark Fire, to locate the position and size of the yobanjin patrols of the Army of Fire. In 1171 he and Utaku Anhui were the only survivors of their group, and took shelter at Shiro Tamori. [2]

Returning Edit

When the inaccesible castle was in risk to be sieged by the bulk of the yobanjin Army of Fire they left the castle as escorts of Usagi Sachiken, and another Dragon guest, Isawa Nakajima. They had been tasked to pass to the Imperial Court several of Tamori family's most sacred works, their greatest research and most important formulae. [2]

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