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Shinjo Magistrate

Shinjo Magistrate

Shinjo Magistrates had always been among the most dedicated in Rokugan, as justice and honesty were two extremely important traits among the Unicorn. [1]

Characteristics Edit

The Unicorn appreciated the contribution the peasantry made to the health of a Great Clan. The esteem with which the lower classes viewed the Shinjo provided their magistrates with a powerful tool for gathering information and tracking people down. Shinjo Magistrates were organized and developed a good working rapport with their charges, watching over everyone in their territory, peasant and samurai alike. Typically, Shinjo Magistrates operated in teams of 3 to 5, with the entire group responsible for the care of a city or cluster of villages. They exhibited an elevated degree of pragmatism, and were willing to use unorthodox strategies to capture their quarries. [2]

Shinjo Magistrate Techniques Edit

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