Shinjo Kochamon 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Shinjo Nishijin 
Spouse: Kakita Tadashi 
Children: Shinjo Ritsuga,
Shinjo Karuma 
Titles: Unicorn Clan Champion,
Shinjo Daimyo

Shinjo Kochamon was the first Unicorn Clan Champion selected after the Return of the Ki-Rin to the Empire.

Early Years Edit

Kochamon was daughter to the Unicorn Clan Champion Shinjo Nishijin. She grew into a formidable warrior by constant warfare in the jungles of the Ivory Kingdoms and the crossing of the Shadowlands, until they returned to Rokugan in the year 815. [1]

Return to the Empire Edit

Kochamon was granted temporary control of the clan while her father moved to Otosan Uchi. The Unicorn had stablished a camp at the Ki-Rin's Shrine when Nishijin sent word that the rest of Great Clans had recognized the Return of the Ki-Rin. [2]

Helping the Hiruma Edit

A few years later Kochamon suggested her father offer assistance to the landless Hiruma, who needed a place to train their bushi. [1]

Her Father's Taint Edit

The Kuni family had scrutinied the returned Great Clan for traces of taint, and her father Nishijin was the only one who was found tainted. In recognition of the help the Unicorn had offered their Hiruma cousins, they agreed to keep Nishijin's secret in return for his prompt retirement, and Kochamon became the new champion in the year 820. [3]

Unicorn Clan Champion Edit

Trained as a courtier by the Ide, Kochamon guided the clan skillfully through this problematic period of reintegrating into Rokugan. [4]

Fitting the Clan into Rokugan Edit

Kochamon ordered to update the clan's speech. The Unicorn had continued to use the language of the Empire throughout their exile, which was actually more conservative than the one used in the modern Empire, and sounded archaic and provincial to the other clans. [5] Obvious gaijin practices were banned in presence of other rokugani. Foreign magic was restricted and meishodo research was adapted to the ways of the kami. Ide Diplomats were sent all over the Empire, and Kochamon married Kakita Tadashi. During her ruling Moto Tsume led the Moto to his demise and corruption in the Shadowlands. [6]

Death Edit

Kochamon ruled the Unicorn for three decades before she finally fell ill and passed away, leaving the clan to her son Shinjo Ritsuga. [6] Her daughter Shinjo Karuma would eventually become Clan Champion as well. [7]

See also Edit

Preceded by:
Shinjo Nishijin
Unicorn Clan Champion
820 - (c. 850)
Succeeded by:
Shinjo Ritsuga


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