Shinjo Khubutai 
Shinjo Khubutai 
Born: 1126 
Died: Unknown

Shinjo Khubutai was a Unicorn Clan samurai and the head of Bugaisha. Khubutai was a Qolat agent who reported directly to Ruqayah. He was a spare, taciturn man with tanned leathery skin and a long thin mustache and perceptive, humorless eyes. He was harsh and unyielding, yet fair and just. His men might dislike him, but they respected him. [1]

Bugaisha Edit

Khubutai made his distaste at having been assigned to the backwater Bugaisha evident to all, and enforced Imperial law very laxly at the outpost. Khubutai maintained strict military discipline and held fast to bushido, though. He knew that this strictness would keep his men and the gaijin who visited Bugaisha in line. He was harsh and unyielding, yet fair and just. [1]

Qolat Edit

Khubutai's displeasure at his assignment was a facade. Khubutai was six years old when Shinjo purged the Shinjo family of its Kolat influence. Khubutai's uncle was executed as a traitor, and the suspicious samurai executed Khubutai's cousins as well. Khubutai's uncle had not indoctrinated his children as Kolat, but had taken in Khubutai instead. [1]

Khubutai was now an Oyabun who reported only to Master Roc. He was the chief liason between the Roc Sect and the rest of Rokugan. Khubutai, along with fellow Qolat Shinjo Zhen-Ping, maintained a headquarters within Bugaisha and stored enough gaijin powder there to level half of his base. [1]

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