Shinjo Juntao was the local magistrate at Journey's End Keep in the late 12th century.

Demeanor Edit

Juntao was a mild-tempered, dedicated, warmhearted man, the archetypical compassionate Unicorn. He served Lord Moto Jafiq with complete dedication and maintained the peace in a province where there were unusual challenges created by the presence of so many gaijin merchants. [1]

Conflict with the Ivinda Edit

A local merchant Ide Uchi complained about the surviving Ivinda who still lived in this area, claiming they were harassing his business. Juntao ordered some Ivinda, as the holy man Gopti, to be exiled from Journey's End Keep in response to Uchi's complaints. The old man had caused no trouble, but he had suddenly walked up to Uchi's associate Doji Chonitsu and began shrieking at him in his own tongue, then striking at the Crane with his gnarled fists. Juntao concluded the old man was probably mad and followed the tradition of Compasion exiling him and his family. [2]


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