Shinjo Izanagi was a courtier of the Unicorn Clan.

Spider's Exodus Edit

Izanagai had been trained as a bushi and he volunteered to accompany the Spider in their exodus to the ruined Ivory Kingdoms. He used his experience as scout to adapt to the untested environment, and assisted in the development of the Second City. [1]

Second City Edit

In 1198 the Imperial Governor of the Colonies Ikoma Katsuru was murdered, and Izanagai was one of the samurai who took the lead in searching for the killers. This notoriety was instrumental to be appointed as head of the clan's embassy in the Colonies by Unicorn Clan Champion Moto Naleesh. [1] Moto Gahnil was appointed as his personal yojimbo and chief military advisor. [2]

Political Struggle Edit

Izanagi slowly pushed for more control of the Second City. As the Lion were considered technically responsible for the death of the previous Governor, Izanagi exploited this political weakness, eventually wrestling control of guarding the Governor's Estate from the Lion themselves. He tried to also use Shinjo Tselu, the Ivory Champion, to support his political campaigns, while developing a close relationship with the head of the Mantis embassy. [1]

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