Shinjo Itigawa was a devoted student of the teatrise on mounted tactics written by Shinjo Nobuhito, regarded as the greatest general of the Haisho province, hero of the Battle of Tsugi-Shichi-Mura, and master of Haisho-style Yabusame. Itigawa visited him in the monastery of the lotus sutra, now the monk known as Koryu. Itigawa was a lieutenant of Nobuhito's grandson, and came to Koryu asking how to defend again Tsugi-Shichi-Mura, which would be attacked by Lion forces in one week. During his talking with the aged monk, Itigawa realized that the former general had alreay given him all the necessary knowledge to set in motion his own defensive tactics, and he would need no more advice from the retired general. [1]


  1. Secrets of the Empire, pp. 153-154

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