Shinjo Iruko

Shinjo Iruko

Shinjo Iruko was a bushi of the Unicorn Clan. [1]

Setsuban Festival Edit

She was a samurai-ko serving to the daimyo Shinjo Gidayu. During the Setsuban Festival she was tasked to recover a scroll cache stolen by ronin bandits alongside a group of samurai. [2] They followed the bandit tracks until Nightingale Village, where they bargained with the bandit's leader, Niban. The scroll cache was returned and the ronin shugenja Koan was allowed to participate in the tournament held at the festival. [3] Iruko became the yojimbo of one of the samurai and she began to feel romantic atraction to him. [4]

Asako winter court Edit

In 1121 Iruko came with her charge to Shiro Gisu, where the Asako winter court would be held. [5] There the Emperor's niece, Otomo Yoroshiku was kidnapped by Niban's band. The ronin bandit told a story that stained Gidayu's honor, as the lover of a Hantei's wife and father to Yoroshiku. [6]

Marriage Edit

The samurai knew the truth that Shinjo Gidayu had cuckolded the Imperial Line and was the real father of Yoroshiku but as they were not Emerald Magistrates and did not have the status to challenge his word they wisely kept quiet never mentioning what Niban had told them and Yoroshiku sticking to her story Niban had kidnapped her and saying nothing of his allegations.

The samurai who rescued Yoroshiku were rewarded with Gidayu who didn't know they knew the truth added to the reward by arranging Iruko's marriage to her charge whom she had fallen in love with. [citation needed]

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