Shinjo Huang

Shinjo Huang

Shinjo Huang was a Unicorn Clan bushi.

Trading with the Gaijin Edit

Huang was a childhood friend of Shinjo Shono, and was personally given the duty of escorting caravans from Unicorn lands to the Burning Sands. Huang disliked disregarding the Imperial Edict forbidding trade with the gaijin, but did so because Shono was directly ordered to maintain the caravans by Moto Chagatai, the Unicorn Clan Champion. His greatest wish was that Toturi III would repeal the Edict, making Huang's actions honorable. [1]

Exposed to the Scorpion Clan Edit

Huang and Shinjo Shono were traveling north, crossing Exile's Road leading a merchant caravan to Senpet, when they heard the sounds of an attack. They investigated when they saw a Scorpion being surrounded by a Tsuno pack. After the Shinjo helped defeat the beasts, they had to choose between killing the Scorpion, Bayushi Shixiang, to maintain the secrecy of their forbidden gaijin trade, or to let him live and be exposed to the Imperial edict's consequences; death.

The Unicorn spared his life, although Shono travelled immediately to Kyuden Bayushi to make a trade with the Masters of Secrets, Bayushi Yojiro. In exchange for their silence the Scorpion would gain some benefits from the gaijin trade.

Bayushi Yojiro, having initially ordered Shixiang to deliver a chest to an Ashalan, Hojyn, had secretely intended for Shixiang to uncover such illegal trading. [2]

Imperial Scrutiny Edit

The prominent courtier Miya Hatori was leaving the Unicorn lands and bearing towards the Dragon border. Shono disliked the idea to meet him, as it would end in an invitation for the next Winter Court, forcing him to go again to the court. Instead, Shono and Huang briefly met the last member of Hatori's entourage, Fuzake Sekkou. [3]

War of Rich Frog Edit

Shinjo Huang 2

Huang in combat

Huang entered in combat at the command of Shinjo Shono. [4] He was Shireikan of the Junghar army. In 1165 Huang fought against the Dragon Imperial Legions led by Mirumoto Kyuzo. Shono killed the Dragon commander and the timely arrival of a White Guard patrol saved the day for the Unicorn. [5] In 1166 Huang was in the attack Shono made to the Dragon Legions led now by Mirumoto Kei. Kei's army was cornered inside a canyon without any hope of survival. Shono allowed to leave the Dragon after Bayushi Paneki lobbied for their release. [6]

Lion march begins Edit

In 1169 the Lion began the march to Shiro Moto. They intended to sweep past the Unicorn defenses and establish a foothold within their lands that would be ready when spring begins. Huang was part of the Unicorn defending army. [7]

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