Shinjo Hekirou was a Imperial Guard of the Unicorn Clan who was instrumental in saving the life of Toturi Sezaru.

Training Edit

In 1159 Hekirou was trained as Imperial Guard in Kyuden Seppun, in the Seppun Guest Home dojo. Seppun Zakuro gave his first station in Kyuden Tonbo as Imperial Guard of one of the Emperor's children, Toturi Sezaru. When he was on duty the behavior of Sezaru had rapidly spiraled out of control until he was dangerously unstable. [1]

Meishodo Amulet Edit

Moto Tsusung gifted to Hekirou a Meishodo amulet, a small stone pendant held by an incredibly thin chain, with a tiny symbol inscribed on the stone in the ancient Moto language. It was a ward against rogue servants of death who will protect Hekirou and those he guarded. [1]

Demon of the Death Edit

With the amulet Hekirou came to the Sezaru's chamber and saw the invisible demon who had subdued the Wolf. An inhuman creature was coiled around Sezaru with thin, elastic limbs wrapped around his neck, his head was resting against Sezaru's braid, pulsing with a strange sucking motion. Its long tail spiraled around the Wolf's body. Hekioru charged against the creature, and bravely fought against it, gaining the time for partial Sezaru's recovery, being the demon killed by the Wolf. The demon was now visible to all, and it was a long, tadpole-like creature with raw, wet pink flesh. Its body was hunched and misshapen, resembling some terrible mating of a man and toad. Where its head would have been there was only the outline of a grinning human skull. Its eyes had been glowed with a sinister yellow light. [1]

At Wolf Command Edit

Hekirou became a member of the army that Sezaru raised to fight the bloodspeakers after the Rain of Blood. In 1166 he was with the Wolf when fighting overwhelming odds of undead and bloodspeakers in the Northern Wall Mountains. The Battle of the Northern Wall Mountains was unconcluded, and Sezaru decided to send words of it to Kyuden Isawa and the Council of Five. Hekirou suggested Utaku Rishimaru, as the swiftest of them. The battle was finally won, but Sezaru barely survived, [2] and it was not clear what happened to Hekirou.


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