Shinjo Guan

Shinjo Guan

Shinjo Guan was a Unicorn Clan bushi and magistrate.

Station Edit

Guan was appointed as magistrate at Dark Edge Village. In 1159 two fellow magistrates had been disappeared after they had met with Moto Tsusung, a dreaded Moto Death Priest. A group of samurai investigated Tsusung, and he told the missing magistrates were killed by bandits, whom the shugenja stalked and killed. [1]

City of Night Edit

Guan was dispatched by Moto Chagatai to supervise Horiuchi Shem-Zhe's studies in the City of Night following the death of Moto Vordu. Guan cancelled several innocuous experiments within the city on a gut feeling that Shem-Zhe and others were tampering with forces they did not understand. Despite this, Shem-Zhe was grateful to have a stalwart defender. [2]

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