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Shinjo Elite Guards

The Shinjo Elite Guard still retained their name although the Moto family now lead the Unicorn Clan. Only the finest cavalry of the Unicorn were invited to join, and they served as the Unicorn Clan Champion's honor guard as well as carry out his missions across the Empire. The Elite Guard were known for their speed and swiftness, and where a Unicorn outshined normal Rokugan in these categories the Elite Guard outshined the Unicorn. [1]

Founding Edit

The Elite Guard originated as a small unit dedicated to the protection of Lady Shinjo as she set about purging her Family of Kolat influence. The Elite Guard served the Shinjo Daimyo and the Khan. [2] Their duties also included to defend the main line of the Unicom troops. [3]

Tradition Edit

The warriors who joined this elite unit were proven bushi with experience in battle, and paragons of honor and virtue. [4]

Tactics Edit

The Shinjo Elite Guard was a Heavy Cavalry unit, and formed two legions in the Khol Army. A shock unit, they used to form a massive triangle to break the enemy line, with each soldier holding lances and shields. [4]

Known Members Edit

Shinjo Utta

Shinjo Elite Guard

Known Techniques Edit

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