Shinjo Bushi

Shinjo Bushi

Shinjo Bushi school combined the learned gaijin knowledge with the speed of the Unicorn cavalry, making their maneuvers strange and flamboyant for other Clans. After their return to Rokugan for several years they redressed the school with the techniques of other Clans which had impressed them more. [1]

Training Edit

The students of Shinjo fighting style were known for their strange, flamboyant maneuvers that seemed at odds with the other Unicorn families' straightforward styles. [1] The family’s fighting techniques incorporated a number of gaijin fighting methods encountered during the clan’s centuries of travel outside the Empire, creating a unique defensive style that depended on concepts such as the active parry, riposte, and other such
oddities. [2]

Shinjo's judgement Edit

After the return of the Kami Shinjo in 1132 the ranks of the school were depleted, and the Shinjo family nearly destroyed. [1]

Known techniques Edit

These are the known techniques of the Shinjo Bushi school: [3]

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