Shinjo Bairezu

Shinjo Bairezu

Shinjo Bairezu was a student of Ide and an able warrior. He accompanied Ide on his mission to find the Yobanjin and offer them the protection of the Ki-Rin Clan. Ide and Bairezu were ambushed by yobanjin archers, and their horses were killed. Ide was knocked unconcious by the leader of the archers, Harito, and Bairezu was shot in the leg. The Yobanjin chieftain Battul arrived, and asked Bairezu to tell him their message. Bairezu explained the emergance of Fu Leng, and the war to the south. Battul was not concerned however, and told Bairezu to return to his master and tell her never to send people seeking them again. Battul offered Bairezu a place among the Yobanjin when the Kami lost their war with Fu Leng.[1]

"It is not slavery, and you are blind if you think it is. The Kami are merciful and wise. They seek to protect those around them and build an empire that will flourish for the benefit of all."

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