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Shingon family 
Patron family: Isawa family 
Clan: Phoenix Clan 
Founded: Unknown 
Daimyo: Unknown

The Shingon family was created by the son of Asako Shingon after he joined the Isawa family during his gempukku, in memory of his father's sacrifice, who crafted the Elemental Nemuranai at cost of his life. His capital was Shiro Shingon. [1]

Becoming Isawa family vassal Edit

The Shingon obtained access to the Elemental Nemuranais during a short period, gaining a much better understanding of relic magic, sharing the knowledge with the Phoenix. The Isawa family granted the vassal family status with the responsability of tracking and cataloguing Nemuranai. [1]

Fortune of Steel Worship Edit

Since the ascension of Tsi Xing Guo as the Fortune of Steel, the Shingon began to venerate him. [1]

Understanding of the Raw Material Edit

The Shingon gained a vast knowledge of the different properties of jade, crystal, obsidian and steel. Since the Scorpion' return from the Burning Sands they were intrigued by the Ashalan crysteel. [2]

Shingon Daimyo Edit

The following were the known daimyo of the Shingon:

Asako Shingon 's son  ? - ?
Shingon Hiroga (c. 1159)

See Samurai of the Shingon for a complete listing of all members of the Shingon family.

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