Please note: This article is about the ronin shugenja of Ryoko Owari Toshi. For other uses of the term, please see Shingon (disambiguation).
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1122

Shingon, most comonly known as True Word, was a ronin shugenja of Ryoko Owari Toshi.

Deputy magistrate Edit

True Word was recruited by the city's Emerald Magistrate, Ashidaka Naritoki. [1]

Corrupted Edit

Shingon was a corrupted magistrate. He used to ask gifts and favors to various merchant. He told that a happy magistrate, with fine things to be proud of, was more vigilant. [2]

Quick Justice Edit

Naritoki sprang into action against supposed ninja who had activity in the city. In 1122 Naritoki, Ample, and True Word tracked down the burglar of Yasuki Nobuko'a house. Instead to carry him to the Civil Hall he was publicly mocked, hauled, frenzily whipped, and finally fell down from high, dying as his head struck the street. Naritoki was trying to show the citizens no true ninja were on the city. [3]

Death Edit

True Word died, along with Naritoki, between the hours of the Ox and the Hare, on the third day of the month of the Snake. He was found in the neighborhood of the Little Gate. There were no witnesses. [4]

Murderer Edit

Eyebrows, an Leatherworker who used to work with the city's magistrates, had been the murderer of both men. He was upset with Naritoki's corruption, and planned how to kill him. With several leatherworkers he sabotaged Naritoki's carriage with flammable pitch. Eyebrows approached True Word and sprayed his eyes with vinegar and lye, and cut him down. The carriage was torched and Naritoki was kept inside at spearpoint until his death. [5]


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