Shinden Shorai

Shinden Shorai

The Temple of the Future was a sacred place for Lion of high birth. It was located north-east of City of Honor's Sacrifice. [citation needed]

Name Edit

The name derived from the eta greeting "Shorai ga aru", -Have a bright future. [1]

Founding Edit

It was founded the same day that Kitsu died in the War Against Fu Leng [2] defending the future of the Clan, Akodo's first son. [3] Since that day, the Kitsu Shugenja had been its self-appointed defenders. [4]

"Shinden Shorai was a testament to our faith in the past, present and future - of the clan, and the whole of the Empire. Keep it ever close to your heart
- Kitsu [4]

Noble lineage Edit

Originally the home of several eta families, the temple served a very special function for the Lion. All Lion women who wished to bear their children in this place were allowed, as Akodo's wife did with her children. It was where most noble Lion children were born, nearly all of the women of the ruling houses were transported here in their last weeks. The descendants of the original eta functioned as midwives. [5]

Lion view on the temple Edit

While the Kitsu were forever linked to the past of this place, the Ikoma would always live in its present. The Akodo, and by extension the Matsu, both view Shinden Shorai as a guiding light for their future. [4]

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