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Shinden Horiuchi

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Shinden Horiuchi

Shinden Horiuchi

The small Horiuchi Temple (U28) in the Ujidera province [1] was where the sworn followers of Horiuchi Shoan lived, the ancestral home of the Horiuchi family. A hero from the Clan War, Shoan retired to a monastery years ago, and those that had taken her name served the Unicorn to the best of their ability. [2]

Monastery Edit

The temple was nestled in the Spine of the World Mountains, a few miles off Mother Shoan's Way. Initially built as a monastery in 1110, as a shelter for monks of Inari, Fortune of Rice. [3]

Horiuchi Family Edit

Shinden Horiuchi was given to Horiuchi Shoan when the Horiuchi family was first recognized, and It was expanded tenfold to house the fledgling family, and a court chamber and garden were added. [3] The Twenty-Eighth [[Junghar] Legion protected the place. [4]

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Shinden Horiuchi 2

Shinden Horiuchi (U28)


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