The Temple of Eternal Redemption was located in the Kanjo district of Otosan Uchi, and it was built during the reign of Hantei Genji. The monks dedicated their efforts to salvaging the less fortunate of the city. [1]

Scorpion influence Edit

In the 9th century the temple fell into disrepair, which was solved with the efforts of the Yogo family. Since this day scandalous rumors stemmed from its Scorpion administration. [1] Prior to the Scorpion Coup a tunnel was secretely re-established by a Shosuro Actor between the temple and another temple in the Meiyoko district. [2]

Known Shinpu Edit

In 1123 Makasu was the shinpu of the temple. [1]

Scorpion Coup Edit

The tunnel the Scorpion used to smuggle troops beneath the Miwaku Kabe was collapsed after the Scorpion Coup. [3]


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