The Narmada was a major river of the Ivory Kingdoms, which would be called Shinano by the Rokugani once they settled the Colonies. The Second City was built an hour's travel east. It run north almost to the edge of the Burning Sands and south the entire length of the Colonies, terminating in two outlets at the southern coastline. A large dock complex on the riverbank connected to the city via a well-maintained road. [1] In its fork was constructed the Crane stronghold known as Twin Forks City. The western fork of the Shinano, the lager Dai-Shinano, continued south to the Mantis port Kalani's Landing, while the eastern fork, Ni-Shinano, continued to the Crane port of the Aerie[2] Riverine traffic connected the Second City with Journey's End City. [3]

Rakshasa Prison Edit

A milennia ago the majority of the Rakshasa race were imprisoned by Vishnu the Protector behind the waterfall of a side-branch of the Shinano River that emerged in the Vindhyas Mountains. [4]


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