Shimizu Tamayu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Several Un-named 
Titles: Shimizu Daimyo

Shimizu Tamayu was the great-grandson of Akodo Shimizu, and the source of the start of the downfall of the Shimizu family.

Warmonger Edit

In 827, Tamayu launched a military campaign against the neigboring lands of Ikoma Kuniomi, which ended in disaster. After this failure Tamayu turned to maho. [1]

Maho-tsukai and the Tsuno Edit

When experimenting with maho, Tamayu accidentally opened a passage to the Realm of Slaughter, Toshigoku, where he encoun­tered a race of strange creatures that offered to teach him what he wished to know, the Tsuno. They taught Tamayu their technique of binding demons to nightmare. If he succeeded in destroying the Lion Clan, the creatures promised they could teach him more. [2]

Tamayu no Oni Edit

Tamayu summoned the oni that would become known as Oni no Tamayu. His forces strengthened by his use of the foul blood magics, Tamayu subjugated Kuniomi's lands, as well as adding lands from Akodo Oko, Akodo Nage, and Akodo Kitako in the following years. Every time the oni demanded a new name, and all the Tamayu's family was subjugated by the demon, their souls sold to pay for Tamayu's ambitions. [1]

Preceded by:
Shimizu Daimyo
c. 827
Succeeded by:


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