Shimizu Riko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Shimizu Otori 
Children: Three un-named sons,
Shimizu Ohoshi

Shimizu Riko was the wife of the Shimizu Daimyo Shimizu Otori.

Shimizu family Edit

In 911 [1] during the beginning of her husband's war against Akodo Miyawa, she was sent away from the family lands. It was at this time she gave birth to their fourth son, Shimizu Ohoshi, in the Akodo lands, far from the tainted practices of teh Shimizu. Her son grew with the Akodo and he did not embrace his family's heritage of corruption and subjugation to Tamayu no Oni, which would lead to the Shimizu's destruction in 927. [2]


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