Shimizu Otori 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 927 
Spouse: Shimizu Riko 
Children: Three un-named sons,
Shimizu Ohoshi 
Titles: Shimizu Daimyo

Shimizu Otori was the great-grandson of Shimizu Tamayu, a corrupted Shimizu Daimyo.

Oni's influence Edit

The bargain his ancestor Tamayu made with an oni put the family under Tamayu no Oni's control. All the Shimizu's children had been nursed with tainted milk and prayers to Fu Leng, making them the oni's servants. [1]

Ten Years War Edit

In 911 [2] Otori launched a war against Akodo Miyawa for the control of the Shireki Plain. Miyawa's tactical skills were legendary, and not even the oni-enchanced forced of Otori could overcome them, and the two forces were drawn into a war that would last a decade.

Son raised by the Akodo Edit

At the beginning of the war, Otori's wife, Shimizu Riko, was pregnant, and she was sent away from the families lands. Shimizu Ohoshi, the fourth son of Riko and Otori, was born away from the conflict, in the Akodo lands, and stayed there for the war period, far from the tainted practices of his family. [3]

Fall of the Shimizu Edit

After the war the child returned home, but fled immediatly when he saw his family bound to a demon. Six years later, a vast Lion army marched towards the holdings of the Shimizu family, led by a young man who had taken the name Akodo Giri at gempukku, Otori's son. The entire Shimizu family was slaughtered to the last man, and their holdings burned to the ground. [4] The ruins were known as Otori's Shame. [5] Most believe that the Shimizu were wiped out by a plague, although the Ikoma Historians know otherwise, and no Lion was permitted to speak of the true downfall of the Shimizu, upon pain of death. [2]

Preceded by:
Shimizu Daimyo
? - 927
Succeeded by:


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