Shimizu Gochoku 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Shimizu family founder

Akodo Shimizu was a magistrate of the Lion Clan who was granted his own family as Shimizu Gokochu.

Station Edit

Shimizu early showed a keen mind, and after his gempukku he was yojimbo to magistrate Ikoma Daikiko for three years. After he assisted in the successful capture of a provincial governor's murderer, Shimuzu was promoted to magistrate. [1]

Tracking a Maho-tsukai Edit

In 739 [2] Shimizu's lord Akodo Gunhiko tasked him to find and kill a Maho-tsukai Agasha Enshoku, who had terrorized the towns of the Osari Plains. His quest proved unsuccessful, so Shimizu returned in 743 to request seppuku for his failure. [3]

Shimizu family Edit

Shimizu moved to Otosan Uchi, were his lord was alongside Hantei XXII during the selection of the Emperor's bride. In front of the Imperial Court Shimizu beheaded the Crane named Kakita Edako, one of the proposed brides of the Emperor. Shimizu exposed the dead as Enshoku masquerading a Crane maiden. In return for saving the Emperor's life Shimizu was given the name Shimizu Gochoku and rewarded by being allowed to found the Shimizu family. [4]

Daimyo Edit

The new family was granted modest holdings in the southwestern Akodo provinces, and Shimizu himself ruled as Shimizu Daimyo during his long lifetime. [5]

See also Edit

Preceded by:
Shimizu family founder
743 - ?
Succeeded by:


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