Please note: This article is about the Rokugani word. For other uses of the term, please see Shima (disambiguation).

Shima is the Rokugani word for Islands.

Rokugani Islands Edit

Eien no Kiken Shouto "Eternal Danger Islands"
Faro Island
Gotei Island
Hantei's Point "Suitengu's Curse"
Heart of Kusatte Iru
Hitokori no Shima "Island of Fire and Ice"
Island in the Mist
Island of Lost Wilderness "Komori Island"
Kaigen's Island
Kameyama Jima
Michi ni Mayotta Musume Irie "Lost Daughter Inlet"
Morehei Island
Miryoku no Shima
Naga's Rest
Shima Chuto de "Halfway Island"
Shima no Kinu "Island of Silk"
Shima no Koshinryo "Island of Spice"
Suitengu's Throne
Teardrop Island
Tempest Island
Ue no Shima "Above Island"

Gaijin Islands Edit

Coral Islands

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