Born: Unknown 
Died: 1160

Shikageko was a Bog Hag who entered rokugan around the year 1076.

Hunting Edit

The hag settled in a small lake near the Scorpion city of Taiyo One Toshi, being careful not to take new skins too often. A wandering monk, Murai, was attacked by Shikageko and after a fierce battle was killed. [1]

Disguised Edit

The skin of the monk did not degraded and she could live many years between rokugani people. She had many of the powers of the killed monk, but also strange feelings came over her, being sometimes in meditation or offering prayers. She even defeated a trio of bandits who attacked a family to later slaughter the entire family in her rage. [2]

Tsuma Edit

Shikageko tended a temple in Tsuma during some time. [3]

Death Edit

In 1160 during the contest of the Topaz Championship Shikageko attacked one of the contenders, Kuni Jiyuna, wounding her. The arrival of Moto Najmudin, Tsuruchi Fusako and Matsu Takenao, was too much for the bog hag, and died from a jade spell of Jiyuna. [3]

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