Shikage no Oni

Shikage no Oni

Shikage no Oni, Many-Armed Death, was an oni of the Shadowlands. [1]

Appearance and Abilities Edit

Shikage no Oni had a spiderlike form, with a thick corpse-white skin, a bald, humanlike head, and a nearly skeletal human torso. The oni had a pair of fangs, and its long prehensile venomus tongue was tipped with a razor sharp stinger, which also allowed the demon to project thick, black, silk-like webbing. [1]

Attack Edit

Shikage no Oni created lairs filled with elaborate web-traps, and used weak-minded creatures to lure stronger, more appetizing victims into its lair. Preys were paralyzed and kept them around until the oni was ready to feed. [1]

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