Shijou District

Shijou District

The Shijou District of Toshi Ranbo, stretched along the Drowned Merchant River, [1] comprised the Imperial City's major markets and riverside docks. [2] It was the heart of Toshi Ranbo's trade, both regional and Empire-wide. [3]

Trade Flow Edit

The district was a clearing-house for goods arriving in the city, and an economic battle­ground for those who wished to channel the flow of those goods. Trade agreements were the coin of this district's court, and the trade delegations from the Clans would spend much effort here manoeuvering against their rivals. A Clan which could not control the flow of its goods into the Imperial City was not only at an economic disadvantage but would also lose face. [2]

With so many merchant patrons already embracing a somewhat un-samurai-like attitude, the tactics employed here could be very cut-throat. Bribing the dock officials to delay or refuse sensitive shipments was a common tactic, and rival mer­chants frequently engaged in nasty commercial disputes over the several marketplaces in the district. [2]

Underworld Edit

There was a thriving criminal underworld centered on the Shijou District, linked to illicit enterprises throughout Rokugan. The various cartels involved in smuggling, drug-running, and the like prevented or solved petty street crimes, sometimes in cooperation with the city magistrates. [4]

Court Edit

The court of the Shijou District taught the importance of duty like few others in the Empire, since the need to maintain a strong position for one's clan could often trump all other considerations. Since Toshi Ranbo became the Imperial City, the Mantis Clan maintained a strong presence in this district and it's court indeed. One of the major Embassy of the Mantis was located here, however, the Phoenix Clan's expulsion of the Mantis following the Khan's attack on the capital in 1169 for brawling with the Lion weak­ened their position here. [2]

Winter of Red Snow Edit

After the Battle of Toshi Ranbo in 1169 the merchant's quarter remained little more than a smoldering crater. [5] The district was rebuilt almost completely. [6]

Notable Locations Edit

Known Governors Edit


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