Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Inabe 
Children: Tawagoto

Shigeko was a ronin maiden who married Inabe [1] and had a son, Tawagoto.

Inabe's Death Edit

In the War of Spirits Inabe uncovered a plot against Emperor Toturi I, and was killed fighting the assassins. His sacrifice was later honored by Toturi's daughter, Toturi Tsudao, who granted his son Tawagoto a place as a Nikutai in the First Imperial Legion shortly after his gempukku. [2]

Rie Edit

Shigeko took care of his son's daughter, Rie, the time Tawagoto was on duty. When his son murdered a wicked taisa of the Legion she and Rie were left safe in Tanaki Mura. [2] At that time Shigeko was already blind. [3]


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