Shiba Yukihito

Shiba Yukihito

Shiba Yukihito was a bushi, duelist and yojimbo of the Phoenix Clan.

Yasuki lands Edit

Yukihito spent some time in the Yasuki lands. He became good friend of Hiruma Shigeo. When Yukihito departed Shigeo gifted him a tetsubo, and Yukihito in turn gifted the Crab with an exquiste dagger. [1]

Yojimbo Edit

He was yojimbo in the court, and in 1172 he was appointed to escort a small group of shugenja, including the ronin Imaishi. [1]

Destroyers Edit

During one of his journeys he confronted one of the creatures of the Destroyers. It was made of stone, but radiated terrible heat and from its mouth spewed molten stone that dissolved flesh instantly. Yukihito used the tetsubo to kill the monster and the weapon was hopelessly damaged in the process. [1]

Letters Edit

Yukihito sent a letter to Shigeo to apologize for the lost of his gift. The Crab's answer was that his dagger had already suffered the same fate, to be destroyed saving Shigeo's life from another Destroyer. [1]

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