Shiba Unasagi

Shiba Unasagi

Shiba Unasagi was a bushi of the Phoenix Clan and a member of the Brotherhood of Heaven's Wing. [1]

Fall of Otosan Uchi Edit

In 1159 Unasagi was the last defender of the Sunset Tower against shadowlands forces in the Fall of Otosan Uchi. Katsu tried to spare his live fouling him, but Unasagi remained on his duty. [2] He was badly injured and chose the Shiba's Shrine at Shiro Shiba to meditate while recovering from his wounds and waiting to see if he had become Tainted. [3]

Imperial Legionnaire Edit

Unasagi was a rank in the First Legion, and in this year he was stationed in Kyuden Seppun after Toturi Tsudao declared herself as the Empress Toturi II. [4]

The Onisu Unleashed Edit

In Kyuden Seppun the legionnaires were attacked by the Onisu Hakai and Yokubo. Unasagi came to inform Shiba Aikune. [4]

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