Clan War Information Edit

Shiba Ujimitsu 3

Shiba Ujimitsu

Shiba Ujimitsu

Values Edit

Air 7 Earth 6 Fire 5 Water 5 Void 6
TN 9
Wounds 6
ATT +2
DAM +2
#S 2

Skills Edit

Battle 3
Leadership 3
Defense 4
Iaijutsu 3
Double Chi
Magic Resistance 2

Special Edit

  • Unique
  • If Ujimitsu is dead, he can return to battle replacing another Phoenix personality of Glory greater than 4
  • Beneficial magical effects last an extra turn when cast on Ujimitsu or his unit. Damage from magical attacks are reduced

Equipment Edit

Identifiers Edit

Cost 445
Profession Phoenix Champion, Samurai
Glory 9
Honor 3

Major References Edit

  • Clan War: Phoenix Army Expansion, page 38

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