Shiba Tsuna was a shugenja of the Phoenix Clan and founder of the Shiba Tejina school in the 9th century. [1]

Tejina School Edit

Tsuna was an oddity in the Shiba family as he was gifted with the favors of the kami. The Isawa had no place for him in their research libraries, and the Asako would not trust him as a historian. Tsuna claimed that the solution came to him in a dream, when the kami showed he had to bring laughter to the children of Rokugan. Tsuna devised the Tejina by himself, which was a success, and found dozens of shugenja begging to learn from him, making a Tejina troupe. [2]

Accusations of Maho Edit

An Inquisitor named Asako Bokkai was offended by Tsuna's behavior and jealous of his success. He publicly claimed that summoning the kami for something so petty as entertainment was disrespectful of their power. Finally, at the Emperor's Winter Court, Bokkai accused Tsuna of maho. The Kuni Witch Hunters placed his entire troupe in shackles. The Elemental Masters had little love for this upstart Shiba and left him alone. [3]

Released Edit

Tsuna's life was saved by the unexpected intervention of Hida Namika, the Crab Clan Champion. She stormed into the court with unrestrained rage, and openly challenged Bokkai to a duel. [3]

Your duty is to destroy tsukai, not puppeteers. When you pervert your position, it becomes my duty to destroy you.
- Hida Namika [3]

Namika drew her sword and hacked down the Inquisitor on the spot. A more forgiving and rational Inquisitor dropped the spurious charges, releasing the artisans. [3]


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