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Shiba Tsubeko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1158, Month of the Tiger [1]

Shiba Tsubeko was a weaponsmith invited to craft in Tsi Xing Guo's forge a pair of ebony Jitte, the Celestial Jitte.

Test of the Master Smith Edit

The Fortune of Steel, Tsi Xing Guo, descended from the heavens and selected a Phoenix, Tsubeko, to work the Celestial Forge. Tsubeko was granted after she finalized succesfully a quest. When Tsubeko returned she revealed the weapons would be given to a suitable hero. [2] She returned to Kyuden Nio, a Crane palace on the outskirts of Otosan Uchi, intending to give the weapons to a hero worthy of wielding them. [1]

Death Edit

Shiba Yoma, the Voice fo the Council, suggested using the weapons to bury the Phoenix's long-standing enmity with the Jade Champion, Kuni Utagu. Yoma was who found Tsubeko dead and the jittes stolen. [2] Skub, a goblin commanded by Hakai, had murdered Tsubeko and stolen the jitte. [3]


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