Shiba Tsamaru 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Shiba 
Children: Shiba Tsuzaki

Tsamaru was a ningyo who married shiba, joining the Phoenix Clan as Shiba Tsumaru. She forged Ofushikai, the Ancestral Sword of the Phoenix.

Shiba's Search Edit

After years of wandering Rokugan, Shiba journeyed to Otosan Uchi where Doji and Hida both attempted to get the First Phoenix to take a wife. Doji romantically insisted to Shiba the necessity of a beautiful, talented wife who could capture his heart. Hida, much more pragmatic than their sister, extolled to Shiba the virtues of a wife capable of continuing the family line as well as defending the family's lands and fighting by her husband's side.

Shiba eventually tired of his siblings' imploring and declared to them that he would marry the first woman they could find that embodied all of the qualities they were describing. Doji and Hida both despaired upon hearing Shiba's claim that their brother would never marry. [1]

Tsamaru's Plea Edit

Some time later, a woman arrived at the gates of Otosan Uchi, asking for the help of the Kami to save her home from an evil force that had begun to invade. She was fair as a summer's day, and her eyes shone with a fire that bespoke her bravery. Shiba's heart was stolen by the strange woman as soon as he saw her.

Shiba asked her name, and the woman replied that it was Tsamaru. Shiba left with her to defend her home.

The Kami did not realize, however, that her home was deep beneath the sea. Tsamaru was a ningyo, an ancient race of creatures that live below the seas. Undeterred, Shiba journeyed with Tsamaru to the city of coral and shale that was her home, and together they destroyed the foul creature that had beseiged it. Shiba and Tsamaru took the creatures teeth to Hantei as a trophy of their victory. [1]

Shiba's Wife Edit

Shortly thereafter, the First Phoenix asked Tsamaru to marry him. Although it meant that she would never again return to her home, she agreed and remained forever with Shiba. [1]

Ofushikai Edit

Tsamaru forged Ofushikai and gave it to her husband on the day of Shiba Tsuzaki's birth. [2]

Death Edit

After she died, it was said that Tsamaru's body was placed among the heavens. The brightest star in the northern sky was named for the wife of Shiba. [1]


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