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Shiba Sotatsu

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Shiba Sotatsu

Shiba Sotatsu

Shiba Sotatsu was a Phoenix Clan bushi.

Elemental Legion Edit

Sotatsu was a chui of the Legion of Stone. [1]

Toshi Ranbo Edit

Sotatsu was stationed in Toshi Ranbo in 1169 alongside Shiba Miiko. In the Month of the Rooster a fight broke out between Lion and Mantis forces in the city, and Sotatsu was among the Shiba tasked with quelling the fighting. Both the Mantis and Lion were banished from the city following the incident. [2]

Destroyer War Edit

In 1172 Sotatsu and the Legion was defending a minor fortification near Shiro Shiba against the Army of Fire. He used a banner written in yobanjin language, speaking ill of them. The barbarians enraged made a frontal assault giving the chance the Firestorm Legion, led by Isawa Kokuten, to crash into the Yobanjin rear forces. [3]

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