Shiba Seishisai 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Un-named yojimbo 
Titles: Commander of the Provincial Guard

Shiba Seishisai was the commander of the Provincial Guard.

Appearance Edit

Seishisai was a seasoned warrior, with a graying hair and a long scar run along his left thumb. He used to wear simple warrior's clothes with a Menhari-Gata in his obi, as his commander's badge of office. [1]

Station Edit

Seishisai wa a shireikan whose battle strategies and current posting were studied by the Lion Clan. His success on the battlefield earned him the appointment as commander of the Provincial Guard, defenders of Nikesake area. He had an arranged marriage with a former yojimbo, who raised their children in Kyuden Isawa. Seishisai worked closely with the city governor, Shiba Ekken, who allowed him to militarize the surrounding villages but not to form a civic militia in Nikesake itself. His plans were supported by the philosopher Isawa Kuki, but the opposition from the nun Chinone. [2]

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