Shiba Sayoko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Shiba Mori 
Children: unnamed children 
Titles: Ambassador to
Broken Wave City

Shiba Sayoko was the Phoenix Clan Ambassador to Broken Wave City

Husband Edit

Shiba Mori had originally been assigned as a yojimbo to Sayoko during her early years as a Phoenix Diplomat. Their relationship had been strictly professional, but over time love blossomed and eventually Sayoko was able to convince her daimyo to allow the two to marry, for true love. For years Sayoko was a devoted and loving wife, and children followed.[1]

War of Fire and Thunder Edit

When the War of Fire and Thunder began, Sayoko felt Mori was a man past a warrior's prime and that he should leave the fight to younger men. Mori could not resist the call to battle, and distinguished himself on the battlefield with command of a legion. During the Battle of the Broken Wave a Tsuruchi arrow struck down Mori, finding a gap in his armor. Sayoko was devestated not only by her loss, but also that the Phoenix then surrendered to the Mantis.[1]

Kaigen's Island Edit

If Mori's death had not seemed needless enough, the Mantis Clan also laid claim to the newly created Kaigen's Island, and Sayoko swore bitter revenge upon the Clan that had taken everything from her. Using all the connections she had available to her, she procured the position as Ambassador to the Mantis at the new castle of Kyuden Kumiko.[1]

Phoenix Embassy Edit

Immediately following her assignment to the post, Sayoko began to attack and undermine the Mantis in the courts.[1] Sayoko was mainly responsible for the ostentatious white marble construction of the Phoenix Embassy in the Old Quarter of Broken Wave City. The stark contrast to the dark volcanic stone used for the majority of buildings in the city was down to Sayoko's deep resentment towards the Mantis for the outcome of the War of Fire and Thunder, but politely ignored by the Mantis in general.[2]

Political Prowess Edit

Years of political maneuvering gave Sayoko a very keen sense of where to push, and how far. She utilized her training with the Asako, drawing upon patience and meditation when required, but always promoting the interests of the Phoenix first. If the Mantis could be harmed in the process all the better. An outwardly charming and gracious woman, Sayoko would often grant audiences to carefully asses those wishing to meet with her. Then she could discern their usefulness, or potential threat, and act accordingly with an utter ruthlessness and no hesitation.[1]

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