Shiba Sakishi 
Shiba Sakishi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1171

Shiba Sakishi was a bushi and yojimbo of the Phoenix Clan.

Training Edit

Sakishi trained alongside Shiba Ikku at the Eternal Phoenix Dojo. [1]

War of Fire and Thunder Edit

Sakishi served beside Ikku in the War of Fire and Thunder in 1167, asigned to Isawa Oharu as her yojimbo, in the Battle of Broken Waves. Sakishi did not understand his charge at first, wondering how she could dance in the middle of battles. The Water Tensai Isawa Mizuhiko, Ikku's charge, explained to Sakishi that her dancing pleased the air kami, and in turn the kami would aid in the defense of the Phoenix troops. [1] Sakishi disapproved of Isawa Mizuhiko's relationship with Oharu, but did not prevent the shugenja from seeing Oharu shortly after the death of Oharu's husband. [2]

Dark Oracle Edit

Sakishi continued to serve as yojimbo to Oharu, accompaning her when she met with Asako Juro. Juro was assembling a group of shugenja who were to hunt down and attempt to eliminate Dark Oracles. It was at this meeting that Oharu was reunited with Mizuhiko, whom she had not seen for almost a year. [1]

Nokatsu Edit

Sakishi was present when Oharu, Mizuhiko and Isawa Takesi fought the Dark Oracle of Earth Yasuki Nokatsu in 1170 beneath Sleeping Thunder Mountain. Oharu used the air kami to expell all air in the Dark Oracle's lungs, buying Isawa Mizuhiko enough time to kill Nokatsu with Judgement, a Bloodsword Nokatsu had in his cave to awake the sleeping volcano. The cost of such a feat was Oharu's life. Her sacrifice allowed them to gain the day, and avoided the ambush Nokatsu had prepared to the incoming reinforcements. [2] [1]

New Duty Edit

Sometime after Oharu's death in 1170, Sakishi was visiting the Eastern End sake house in Rushing Stream Village with his friend Shiba Morihiko. Sakishi had received a letter from Mizuhiko, informing him he was to be Mizuhiko's new yojimbo. Sakishi still felt he had failed Oharu. [2]

Death Edit

Sakishi sacrificed himself to weaken the Dark Oracle of Air, by luring her to the Temple of the Eight Guardians and destroying it in a massive explosion. Sakishi opened a vial of the Agasha, and the once-trapped kami held inside catalyzed hundreds of alchemical casks secreted throughout the temple. This allowed Mizuhiko to slay her with Judgement. It was instrumental that Jomyako had broken the law which governed the Oracle interaction with Ningen-do shortly before she entered the Temple. [3]

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