Shiba Sakazu 
Born: 881 
Died: 922 
Children: Un-named son

Shiba Sakazu was a bushi of the Phoenix Clan.

Storming a Monastery Edit

In 922 the Phoenix attacked a monastery, a community of retired Ishiken and Isawa Shugenja who had turned on Maho-tsukai. The magic of the Isawa failed, and flames sprang from the walls, killing many bushi. A direct assault of warriors also was a failure, their corpses burned too quickly to climb. Another day they tried to sail on kites from the trees, and tunnel through the earth, but they were torn apart by the wind or died under the collapsed earth. Even praying to the Fortunes did not work. [1]

Death Edit

Sakazu guessed the spells did not protect the Maho-tsukai against that which was no threat, so he removed his armor and clothes. Naked, alone and emptied of thought he crossed the fire wall unharmed, disappearing between the burning stones. Since then no one had seen anyone enter or leave the monastery, which was lost forever, but the land and elements recovered. Shiba Urachu, a follower of Sakazu, passed to Sakazu's son the armor he left that day. [2]

Hero Edit

Many held Sakazu as a great hero, as described in the novel Burning Stones, written by Asako Seisha. [3]


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