Shiba Saisune was the sensei of the Dai-Chikai Dojo who believed that he had failed his duty as a yojimbo. He was charged with the protection of Isawa Mitako, a bright young flower of the Phoenix, and came to love and cherish her with a deep passion. His love for her drove him, and he became the most respected yojimbo in the land. Saisune was however left behind when the Dragon of Water chose Mitako to become the next Oracle of Water. He nearly died of heartbreak, but his sensei, the previous head of the school saw great strength in him and stepped down to allow Saisune to find a purpose again. [1]

Master Sensei Edit

Saisune's teaching method was quite different. He practiced alongside the other students, more like a senior student than a master sensei. His gentle manner did nothing to hide the perfection he demanded from his students, making those he tought strive to better themselves. They did not put in this effort for praise or glory, but being around Saisune made them believe that doing so was the right thing. [1]


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