Shiba Saija 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Shiba Ujimitsu,
Seppun Shimiko

Shiba Saija was a eight years old girl when she died.

Family Edit

Saija was daughter of the Phoenix Clan Champion, Shiba Ujimitsu, and Seppun Shimiko. [1]

Death Edit

Her mother's father, Seppun Waritsu, was branded a traitor to the Imperial Court. The Emperor Hantei XXXVIII decreed that Waritsu and his entire line had to commit seppuku. Shimiko was forced to commit jigai in presence of the Emperor. Saija cursed the Emperor and the Hantei family, forcing his father to kill her at the ceremony. [1]

Saija's Soul Edit

Ujimitsu had no memory of the next hours. He was in front of Shiba Norihakeu's bed, Shiba Jimen's daughter of the same age as Saija, eight years old. Jimen bowed and thanked Ujimitsu for appeared at the chamber. His sickened daughter was healed upon the presence of the Phoenix Champion. Ujimitsu the city was Shiro Shiba, hundred miles away the Imperial City. The healed girl looked to him and she had her daugther's eyes. The spirit of Norikaheu had gone to the Celestial Heavens and was occupied with the soul of Saija. [2] Ujimitsu had used the power of the Ancestral Sword of the Phoenix Clan to transfer his daughter’s soul into the ailing young Shiba Tsukune, saving both. [3]


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