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Shiba Ryugo

Shiba Ryugo

Shiba Ryugo was a bushi of the Phoenix Clan.

Dark Oracle of Fire Edit

In 1170 the Dark Oracle of Fire Chosai was very active in the Dragon border. The Phoenix reinforced their northern border to defend it from any possible incursion of Chosai's minions, the yobanjins of fire. Ryugo was assigned there alongside with Isawa Idomu, Isawa Chihoko, Agasha Orito, and Isawa Zao. The first sign of barbarians looked fleeing desperate Yobanjins. Idomu would manage to deal with them without a bloodshed. [1]

General Edit

Ryugo was a rare general of great skill using his knowledge of battle and tatics to draw in the forces he needed to defend the Phoenix clan. [citation needed]

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