Shiba Reikun 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Shiba Tokaro 
Titles: Taisa

Shiba Reikun was a bushi and taisa of the Phoenix Clan.

Appearence Edit

Reikun was a cold, hard faced man in his mid twenties, with a white ridged katana scar on his arm. He was polite, but distant with people not of the Phoenix, and downright coldly hostile with any of the Dragon Clan. [1]

Brother Edit

Reikun's younger brother Shiba Tokaro was killed in a border skirmish with the Dragon Clan the summer prior to the Tournament of the Samurai. Since that day he was filled with bitterness and hatred towards the Dragon and his own clan. [1]

Tournament of the Samurai Edit

Reikun was present at Pale Oak Castle when the Tournament of the Samurai was held there. In an attempt to bring the Dragon and Phoenix closer to war, because of his brother's recent death, he murdered the daimyo of the castle, Asako Shizu. [2] Learning of the Asako and Isawa intent to broker peace with the Dragon infuriated him. [1]

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