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Shiba Raiden 
Shiba Raiden 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: six unnamed brothers 
Titles: Gunso of the Legion of Flame

Shiba Raiden was a bushi yojimbo of the Phoenix Clan and a gunso in the Legion of Flame.

Demeanor Edit

Raiden was loyal an aggressive Phoenix warrior. [1]

Family Edit

Raiden was the youngest of seven competitive children, the result of a father who revered the Fortune of Fire and Thunder, Osano-Wo, above all other Fortunes. His name, Raiden, was the name of a lesser manifestation of Osano-Wo, and there were few who have met him who did not find the comparison appropriate. [1]

Station Edit

Gunso Raiden

Gunso Raiden

In 1169 Raiden fought in the Battle of Toshi Ranbo. An explosion set off by a member of the Firestorm Legion separated Raiden's unit, and Raiden took command after his gunso and nikutai were both killed by the Lion, and withdrew the unit from the engagement while in order to protect several civilians in the area. He overcame his aggressive nature to fulfill his clan's mandate and was promoted to the rank of gunso during the early stages of the city's occupation. [1]

Destroyer War Edit

Raiden commanded the Legion of Flame during the Destroyer War. [2]

Fall of Shiro Kuni Edit

In 1171 during the Destroyer War Shiro Kuni was assaulted by the Destroyers. [3] The Crab endured until the arrival of Dragon and Phoenix reinforcements, but the defenders were overwhelmed. The castle contained the Crab knowledge about the Shadowlands and the scrolls were in risk of destruction. Raiden's commander, Shiba Rae, convinced Hida Otoya to allow the Phoenix transported the scrolls to safety before the Fall of Shiro Kuni. [4] In 1172 a gargantuan creature was expelling a part of itself through its back, shattering the castle walls and eventually the defenders were overrun, not before the Crab knowledge had been completely moved. [5]

Legion of Flame Edit

Shiba Raiden commanded the Legion of Flame against the advance units of the Army of Fire in the Phoenix lands. [6]

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