Shiba Rae

Shiba Rae

Shiba Rae was a bushi and yojimbo of the Phoenix Clan.

Yojimbo Edit

Rae spent time reading and studying the history of his clan and the Empire, and this dedication to knowledge was combined with a natural affinity for working with shugenja. [1] He served as guard and yojimbo for the Phoenix Clan for several years. [2] Rae was eventually appointed as taisa of the Fourteenth Legion of the Shiba Army. [3]

Imperial Guard Edit

After the Battle of Toshi Ranbo in 1169 he was assigned to the Imperial Palace Guard of Shiba Naoya. Often, he served as little more than a message carrier from the Council of Five to his lord, but he was still happy. [2] The Voice of the Masters Shiba Yoma gave him another message to carry. [4] In thi mission he saw a Scorpion samurai denying the payment of a debt he owed to a merchant. Rae forced the Scorpion to pay the citizen instead of facing him in a duel. After he delivered the message he learned that the Dragon of Fire would return to Tengoku soon, leaving Toshi Ranbo defenders. The Phoenix would enforce peace on the Empire with their own strength. [2]

Destroyer War Edit

In 1171 during the Destroyer War Shiro Kuni was assaulted by the Destroyers. [5] The Crab endured until the arrival of Dragon and Phoenix reinforcements, but the defenders were overwhelmed. The castle contained the Crab knowledge about the Shadowlands and the scrolls were in risk of destruction. Rae convinced Hida Otoya to allow the Phoenix transported the scrolls to safety before the Fall of Shiro Kuni. [6] In 1172 a gargantuan creature was expelling a part of itself through its back, shattering the castle walls and eventually the defenders were overrun, not before the Crab knowledge had been completely moved. [7]

Crane lands Edit

The remnants of the Kuni fortress defenders retreated to the Crane lands. There they tried to take a rest of the war, but they marched again to confront a Plague Zombie mob threatening the Crane supply route. [8]

Sensei Edit

Shiba Rae 2

Rae Sensei

Rae survived the Destroyer War and became a sensei who taught the new generations. [9]

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