Shiba Omoko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Shiba Kagi

Isawa Omoko fell in love with Shiba Kagi and married him, becoming Shiba Omoko. [1]

Kanjo district Edit

Kagi was appointed as Kanjo district's governor at Otosan Uchi prior to the Scorpion Coup. There Omoko realized her wedding had been part of a long bid of power of the Isawa family for the control of the Imperial district. The Isawa instructed Omoko to make contact with the criminal oyabun Habu, promising dishonor and the Ritual of Forgetting if she refused. As soon as he did it, her husband was approached by Isawa's internmediates who informed of the dealings made by Omoko, and used them to make a bargain with Kagi, intending to use the Shiba's own honorable intentions against him. [1]

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